Women’s Dance

Come join us in the dance.  This is a safe and sacred embodiment practice open to all women. I offer seasonal dance sessions to connect with the earth in her dance around the sun, and to bring us alive to these seasonal shifts.

Reconnect to your body, reawaken the flow of feminine energy, and move to the living pulse of life.  This is an invitation to awaken to the joy of your moving body.

Our Seasonal Dance Sessions offer women the opportunity to dance together in a safe and sacred space. We will be diving deep into our embodied wisdom, following the impulses of our moving bodies, and to the earth body as we honour and celebrate the seasonal moments.

Attune to your body, your spirit and to the earth.

Join us as we move playfully, curiously and compassionately. Women’s Dance – Sunday Shakti Sessions is a seasonal  gathering of women who want to feel alive and connected to their bodies. We celebrate the deeply embodied feminine in a safe and sacred space.  We honour the 8 Seasonal Sabbats , known in my Celtic tradition as the Wheel of the Year. This seasonal moments have been celebrated my peoples all across the world, including here in Victoria on Aboriginal Lands.

We will dance, we will move, we will meditate.
We will follow the longings of our body,
We will rekindle our connection to our body, the earth, to self and each other.

Our approach is based on modern forms of conscious dance, dance movement therapy, and deep ecology. and is combined with ancient practices including temple dances, goddess rituals, yoga, meditation.

Embodiments Dance celebrates key astronomical events including the Autumn and Spring Equinox and the Winter and Summer Solstice.   By celebrating these important seasonal cycles we aid our own deep connection to the earth, and ourselves.

Dance is also an essential component of Retreats, and can be incorporated into one on one sessions with Sarah.

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