Connecting with the inner child

whimThe maiden is here. Spring really is on her way. We can see her rising with the green leaves and shoots. Buds are forming on my peach, plum, nectarine and quince trees, as the energy rises. In the Temple of She! and the women’s mysteries this energy of spring is associated with the maiden.  She who rises with the sun, who dances with the breeze, and the element of air.  The maiden is wild and free, She is untamed and deeply connected to nature, to creativity and to play.

Many of us lose this connection and we forget to honour our creativity. We shun that power that rises through us, forgetting how to play, to laugh, to imagine possibilities. But of all us have her within us. All of us can reconnect with our inner child, that maiden energy full of potential and power. So how do we reconnect with this beautiful aspect of our being? There are many ways but essentially it is about being open, and allowing her to express herself. For this we need to let go of the critic, the adult, the responsible one (and often actually irresponsible one, for it is not responsible to deny her).  We invite her in, and wait. For me dance is a beautiful opening to Her. When we tune into the impulses of the body, and simply allow the body to move, to play…without judgement, we are learning to express her.  And we will dance Her tonight in the Temple of She! We will dance her peeping out of her cave, in and out in and out with the breath, allowing her to show herself to us. So that we can call her and move more freely, more nimbly, more spontaneously. And in so doing, She will dance us.

dancedrawing3As i mentioned in my last post, drawing is another beautiful way to reconnect with your inner child.  Lucia Cappicone offers us her inner child work. She offers a full process worth investigating but quite simply we use the left hand (or the non-dominant one) to draw and dialogue with her. This is a wonderful process for developing a relationship with your inner child.  Mindfulness and meditation can help too. Starhawk offers us this meditation. It can be helpful to sit with this, to allow it to penetrate into your being, and then be open to the responses that arise in you.

“Visualize a silver crescent moon, curving to the right. She is the beginning of power, of growth , of generation. She is wild and untamed, like ideas and plans before they are tewaning cresentmpered with reality. She is the blank page, the unplowed field. Fell your own hidden possibilities and latent potential, your power begins to grow. See her as a silver haired girl running freely through the forest under the slim moon. She is Virgin, eternally unpenetrated, belonging to one one but herself. Call her name, Nimue and feel her power within you.”

Starhawk reminds us that we are not only calling ourselves, but calling the Goddess into our lives. We are calling on that divine energy, that aspect of Her as The Maiden, that blossoms in us, as our own unique aspect of Her.

artemis corregioArtemis was my first Goddess. She was the one I felt such a deep connection to. She who lived in the forests and the Sacred Groves, she who dwelt with nymphs, and the spirits of the trees and the animals. She who was fiercely independent and belonging to no one was my way into the world of the Goddess. I did my honours thesis at university on images of her in the court at Fontainbleu, and i have been searching for her for ever. She is with me now, in my dance, in my kinder work, in my life. Here is an image of her by Caravaggio. She is powerful, riding her chariot across the open space, the crescent moon adorning her.

tall book of make beliveYou can find images of the maiden Goddesses, find one that appeals and follow the journey. Follow that small girl you, rolling down sand dunes, climbing up trees, making daisy chains, splashing in the waves, searching for kissy things ( a soft sea urchin) and starfish in the rock pools, spinning and spinning with the joy of your body. You never know where you will end up.


Sarah xxx


Autumn Leaves

I am pondering the Autumn Equinox, this most beautiful season of balance, when we acknowledge both the abundance of the earth, and the nourishment of decay.  While writing I remembered saving some of Rosie Garlands words, which i have copied below. Autumn leaves are such a powerful and potent image of the beauty of decay.  One of the few ways our culture celebrates decay, and yet as Rosie points out, many of still fail to see the worth of leaves, or women.


Such poignant words which took me to all the women throughout history and today who are still not heard, and to the earth herself, for surely her story remains in fragments only. I also thought of Rosie Batty, the Australian of the Year, trying to make audible women’s voices, particularly the voices of women in violent homes.

I am saddened by the state of this world, but gladdened to know so many of us are calling the feminine back into our lives. We are saying yes to the Autumn Equinox, yes to the descent, yes to the creatrix, we are saying yes to the nourishment of the leaves, and the decay and the compost. By dancing in honour of the Autumn Equinox we are given a space to acknowledge the value of the descent phase of the life/death/life cycle. We are allowing our feelings of pain, rage, and sadness to arise in a non-judgmental way.  We do as Glenys Livingstone says,  “allow(ing) the grief, letting it wash over us, saying yes to it … and yet we may do so graciously, remembering the abundance received in every moment just by the fact of existence”.  We who know the power of decay who have a voice, a song, a dance, a drum, a poem must live this work. We must dance our dance, sing our songs, beat our drums so loudly and beautifully that those who have not yet found their own song/dance/drum can hear the call, and in hearing they can find a way home to their own creativity, to their participation in this dance of creation.

read Rosie’s words and let me know where it takes you…..

‘I thrust my hands into the cushion of leaf mould, sift it through my fingers. Each leaf is nourishment for the small beasts of the forests, who in turn feeds the greater beasts, who in turn feed men (sic) My head swims in contemplation of this marvellous chain of being.  Yet men stamp upon them kick them out of the way as if they are nothing. I wonder if we are not poorer for the loss of a single leaf each as lovely as the cast of wing of an angel.


I swoop up a heap and toss them into their air. They fall in damp patters full of the aroma of decay that is not dying but the promise of rebirth next spring. I hurl more and more …Each leaf is a woman, a million of us, tramped into dirt. We bud, we fruit and when we can bud no more, we serve no further purpose. After a brief harvest we are raked into heaps for burning. I see the face of the earth swept clear of our dappled light, our softness. A barren world scraped bare and dry, lacking the thick mulch of our abundance”

So in whatever way you can take the time to let the leaves fall, the buds and the rotting fruits. Let it all fall safely to the earth where the nourishment of decay can live on, and new growth will emerge in spring.

Many Blessings

Sarah xxx

Rosie Garland, Vixen, p. 403

Glenys Livingstone,