Sacred Women’s Circle

Sacred Women’s Circle – Melbourne Women’s Circle

Sacred Women’s Circles provides women with a connection to a deep seated tradition of coming together to support, nurture and hold one another in a sacred space.

Sarah offers:
Sacred Women’s Circles– Melbourne Women’s Circles
Meeting monthly throughout the year

MoonSong One Day Workshops for Women
Held twice per year in March & October

Private Blessingways
Where you get to co-create loving container for a sister/friend/partner/daughter approaching a significant Rite of Passage such as birth, menarche, marriage, menopause. Contact Sarah directly to create your own private circle.

Melbourne Women’s Circles are back for 2019.

This is a red tent experience, honouring the mysteries of the cycles and the bodies sacred intelligence.  Reconnect with the women’s mysteries!

Sarah will be holding monthly women’s circles in 2019. You are warmly invited to join us. Step inside the circle, be welcomed by your sisters. You will be held and heard, touched and moved.

Join Us – Reserve your seat.

The circle is Shaman. The circle is Way shower. Join us to co- create the magical space of a Sacred Women’s Circle.  These sacred circles are imbued with the wisdom of the gentle-wild woman, of the divine goddess, of Self in her myriad forms. Bookings

(image: sarah’s Red Tent at Raw Gardens in 2016!)

The circle provides women with a connection to a deep seated tradition of coming together to support, nurture and hold one another in a sacred space.   It is a red tent experience, honouring the mysteries of the feminine, of the cycles and the bodies sacred intelligence.

(Image Sarah’s MoonSong Workshop at RAW Gardens, October 2018).

Reconnect with the women’s mysteries!

These circles will be held monthly on the following dates:

Circle dates for 2019 will be:
Thursday 21 February
Thursday 28 March
Thursday 25th April
Thursday 30th May
Thursday 27 June
We break for Winter- No circles July or August
Thursday 19 September
Thursday 24 October
Thursday 21 November

You can come to one or all of the circles but the more we gather together the deeper we can journey into Wholeness.

Join Us – Reserve your Seat

Circles will commence at 7.30 and run for 2 hours.
All circles will be held at:

El Camino Wellness Centre,
102 Grange Rd, Glenhuntly.

MoonSong Workshops

Sarah runs MoonSong:  One Day Workshops for Women two times a year.

It is time, women are awakening..

Reclaiming feminine power through reconnection with the women’s mysteries.

Reconnect with the women’s wisdom within you –

  • Learn about the wisdom of the cycles and our life seasons
  • The influence of the lunar cycle and the earth’s seasons
  • The spiritual practice of menstruation and the transformative power of our rites of passage
  • Understand why you feel the way you do!

In this day we gather together to remember the magic of sitting in sacred circle, of listening with the ears of our heart to our sisters speaking. We pass the Talking Bowl, we speak truths and we listen deeply.  Book Now for our 2019 MoonSong Workshops– 

In this day together we remember how we are woven into the earth and her seasons, the moon and her cycles. We recall the map within our own living loving bodies which roots us in the rhythms of nature.  We explore our menstruality and begin to see what a powerful ally our cycle is. We begin to understand what has been hidden from us. We are reclaiming feminine wisdom, we are remembering the Women’s Mysteries. Join us!

We journey on the beat of a drum for healing rituals and to connect with the divine within. We reflect on our Rites of Passage, on the Seasons of Woman. We share, reflect, journal and be in the magic of Circle as Shaman.

MoonSong One Day Workshop for Women Saturday 19th October 2019 – Carnegie

The Temple of She!

At present the Temple of She! is on hold.

In the Temple of She! we come to awaken to our own experience of the self as divine, to be present to who we truly are and to celebrate the deep embodied feminine, fully alive and fully present in our bodies. We gather together in the presence of each other, to shine a light on ourselves, and to recognise the gifts and knowing of each woman. women'scirclecandles

These sacred circles like all that have come before, and will come after, are imbued with the wisdom of the wild woman, of the divine goddess, of Self in her myriad forms.  We will gather to dance, draw, breathe, sound, touch, and be who we truly are. We will honour the spirit, we will honour the earth, and we will honour the body. We will honour and express ourselves as the divine feminine.

Some of the processes explored in this 8 Moons Journey involve:

  • To explore the language and messages of the body
  • To move with authenticity and joy
  • To understand the wisdom of the cycles (your own, the moon’s and the earth’s)
  • To connect with the energy of the earth
  • To understand and work with the drum
  • To heal thyself
  • To enjoy touch and self massage
  • To nourish and nurture your physical, spiritual and emotional being


7 thoughts on “Sacred Women’s Circle

  1. Please put me on the waiting list. I would love to be involved in this energy x

  2. i would like to get included on your monthly circles in 2018.

    Could I please get included on your list.

    Irene 🙏🏻

  3. Hello Irene, Thanks for getting in touch. We would love you to join us in the Women’s Circles. They will be commencing Thursday 8th March, not February as earlier indicated. Do you have an email so I can send you some information? You can message me on 0435 140 148 or email me
    Many Blessings, Sarah xx

  4. Hello Vivienne
    A wild chance that you are still interested in our Sacred Women’s Circles. If you are please get in touch as we have a series starting Thursday 8th March 2018. You can message me on 0435 140 148 or email Many Blessings, Sarah

  5. Please keep me up to date with upcoming events.
    Lovely to meet you at Point Leo yesterday.


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