Seasonal Dance – Sunday Shakti Sessions for Women


Seasonal Dance/ Sunday Shakti Sessions-

Beltane Seasonal Dance celebration
Sunday 31st October
10.00 to 11.30 am

Summer Solstice Seasonal Dance & Celebration
Sunday 19th December
10.00 to 11.30 am

via zoom


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Our Seasonal Dance- Sunday Shakti Sessions offer women the opportunity to dance in a safe and sacred space. We will be diving deep into our embodied wisdom, following the impulses of our moving bodies, as we celebrate the seasonal shifts within and without.

Join us as we move playfully, curiously and compassionately. This is a conscious dance practice. Seasonal Dance Sunday Sessions is for you if you want to:

  • reconnect to your body,
  • reawaken the flow of feminine energy,
  • move to the living pulse of life, and
  • connect to the rhythms of the earth.

We trust these ongoing rhythms of earth and moon dancing around sun.  We trust sunrise and sunset, waxing and full moon, waning and dark moon. We trust the rhythms within and without. We dance our joy, our waxing and waning energy, our growth and descent.

We dance our lived experience moment to moment.

Each session will include a small ritual, lots of moving and dancing and journaling/drawing to integrate the dance. You are warmly invited to join us via zoom- from wherever you are. I dance on Boonwurrung Country.

Journey with an intimate group of women for this series- or drop in for one session.

Sarah has facilitated dance and movement classes for over ten years. She is a lover of this world, seeking to embody this deep connection, this being woven in. She is a  Shamanic Craftswoman, a TreeSister, a beginner practicing over and over to show up fully embodied.  She has a deep desire to heal our connection with our bodies and the body of mother earth. We are woven together, we are one.  We are part of the Mystery. The great unfolding of this Cosmic Story.

This dance is for women only- and includes all those who identify as woman. you are welcome to join us.


We Dance on the following dates. Please note booking is essential- prior to the Dance. I will send Links the evening before.

Sunday 7th February 2021- Lammas Dance

Sunday 21 March 2021- Autumn Equinox Dance

Sunday 2 May 2021 – Samhain Dance

Sunday 27 June 2021- Winter Solstice Dance

Sunday 8th August 2021- Imbolc Dance

Sunday 19 September 2021 Spring Equinox Dance

Sunday October 31 2021- Beltane Dance

Sunday 19th December- Summer Solstice Dance


Additional information

Dance sessions

Lammas 7 Feb, Autumn Equinox 21 March, Samhain 2 May, Winter Solstice 27 June, Imbolc 8 Aug, Spring Equinox 19 Sep, Beltane 31 October, Summer Solstice 19 December


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