Seasonal & Cyclical Wisdom – Conscious Dance Sessions


Women’s Conscious Dance
Seasonal & Cyclical  Wisdom

Lammas Seasonal Dance & Celebration
Sunday 6 February 2022
10.00 to 11.30 am

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We will be diving deep into our embodied wisdom, following the rhythms of cyclical wisdom and the impulses of our moving bodies. Deepen your connection to the earth body, and your own sacred body. This is a safe and sacred space to explore and awaken “quiet wild” feminine in you. There are no steps to learn, rather we follow the delights, longings and knowing of our bodies. Join us via Zoom!

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Our Women’s Conscious Dance sessions are a celebration of Seasonal & Cyclical Wisdom that lives in you. These Sessions offer women the opportunity to dance in a safe and sacred space. We will be diving deep into our embodied wisdom, following the impulses of our moving bodies, as we celebrate the seasonal shifts within and without

  • Connect to the rhythms of life
  • Move with the ebb and flows of your energetic, emotional and mental body,
  • Deepen your connection to the seasonal shifts of the earth body & your body
Session Details

Join us as we move playfully, curiously and compassionately. This is a conscious, expressive dance practice, where we tune into the energies moving within us and within the earth body. We follow our feelings, our intuition and our expression to reclaim feminine wisdom and the wisdom of the cycles. Through your  participation in these regular seasonal Dance sessions you will:

  • deepen your connection to your  body,
  • integrate with the rhythms of the earth.
  • flow with the cycles, your own, the moon and the earths

These sessions open us to the trustworthiness of the cycles and cyclical living. When we follow the ongoing rhythms of earth and moon dancing around sun we deepen our relationship to earth and to cosmos. We  embody the ebb and flow of life energy, of the dance between dark and light, expansion and contraction. We open to the earth’s powerful rhythms and align with them.

We dance our lived experience moment to moment.

Each session includes a small ritual to celebrate the seasonal moment, lots of moving and dancing, and time for journaling/ drawing/ resting  to integrate the dance. You will be held in a circle of women.

I dance on Boonwurrung Country. As these sessions are run on Zoom you can join from wherever you are. All times are AEST Melbourne. The sessions will be recorded so if you miss a class you can catch up with the recording.

Journey with an intimate group of women for this series- or drop in for one session. This dance is for women only inclusive of all who who identify as woman. If you want to dive deeper into the wisdom of the cycles join our monthly Cyclical Wisdom zoom circles.

We Dance on the following dates. Please note booking is essential. recordings will be sent after the class so you can catch up on any missed sessions.

Dates for 2022

All Sessions run on Sundays from:

10.00 am to 11.30 am AEST (Melbourne)

Sunday 6th February 2022- Lammas Dance- Celebrating our Harvest, the Waxing Dark, The Maga Woman

Sunday 20 March 2022- Autumn Equinox Dance– Celebrating the Midpoint of  Dark and Light, the Pause,  Acknowledging our harvest and Letting go

Sunday 8th May 2022 – Samhain Dance– Celebrating Contraction, Endings, the Ancestors, and the Crone

Sunday 19 June 2022- Winter Solstice Dance— celebrating Formlessness, the All nourishing Abyss, the Crone energy and the rebirth of Light

Sunday 7th August 2022- Imbolc Dance, Celebrating the waxing light, the growth impulse  &  Maiden Energy

Sunday 18 September 2022 Spring Equinox Dance, Celebrating the Midpoint of Light and Dark,  tending to Growth and Expansion,

Sunday 6 November 2022- Beltane Dance, Celebrating Life, Lust and the Urge to connect with the Upswing of energy and the movement from Maiden to Mother

Sunday 18th December 2022- Summer Solstice Dance, Celebrating The Fullness of Light, the generosity of the Sun and the Mother, and the birthplace of the Dark.

There is a powerful trustworthy rhythms embedded in these seasonal moments, moments that were honoured by ancestors, then and now. These are place based celebrations connecting you to your own body, and the Land on which you are.  I acknowledge I live, work and dance on Boonwurrung Lands.

Sarah has facilitated dance and movement classes for over ten years. She is a lover of this world, seeking to embody this deep connection to earth, to body to the deep river of feminine wisdom as it flows through us all.

Additional information

Dance sessions

Lammas 6 Feb, Autumn Equinox 20 March, Samhain 8 May, Winter Solstice 19 June, Imbolc 7 Aug, Spring Equinox 18 Sep, Beltane 6 November, Summer Solstice 19 December, Summer Solstice 18 december, All Sessions


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