Womb Altar Cards

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A beautiful set of four cards to deepen your understanding of the cyclical changes occurring within you through your menstrual cycle.

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The Womb Altar Cards are a resource for you to understand changes in your womb, cervix and vagina through your menstrual cycle and your life cycle. Familiarize yourself with the sacred rhythms of your own body.

There are four cards- each one representing a week in your menstrual cycle, and illustrating correspondence to earth season, moon phase and life season.

The cards are illustrative and are there for you to play with, and to reflect on to deepen your understanding of your own sacred body. These cards are a way of tapping into and honing the power of our menstrual cycles and our power as women. Put them on your altar, share them with your children, notice what is going on within your own body. Blessed are our cycles.

They were created on my own healing journey with my cervix and womb and were Inspired by the Altar Cards created by Jane Hardwicke Collings for the Four Seasons Journey and MoonSong workshops. You can read more about my journey to create these cards here.

Sets are available for the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

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  1. Grace Funk

    These cards are so beautifully hand-drawn, I can feel the love radiating off them! Thankyou for putting your womb wisdom and womb learning into this visual form. They invite me into a deeper appreciation of my embodied, creative self, and every day I am nourished to see them on my altar!

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