Medicine Drum Making – Two Day Workshop

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A Two Day Medicine Drum Making Workshopin which you create your own drum, and delve into your creative/birth process in a circle of women.

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January 2024

Connect with the spiritual lineage of women drummers across time and cultures in East Warburton.


Thank you for understanding our price has increased due to rising costs of materials!

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Medicine Drum Making Workshop Medicine Drum Making Workshop
Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January 2024

Making your own medicine drum is a deep and powerful experience. As Shamanic Womancraft practitioners, we encourage you to approach the process with awareness and consciousness. We support you to make yourself a personalised shamanic tool, and to also have a deeply transformative experience connecting with yourself and your baby drum. You will be supported to connect with the animal of the hide you are using, the timber of the frame and the way you are with the creative process in our Medicine Drum Making Workshop.

A Sacred Instrument

The drum is a sacred tool, an instrument of music, an intimate partner in the soul’s journey. It is woven through time with women’s spirituality. When you make a drum, you enter into a shamanic process of personal healing. You enter into the lineage of female drummers.

This two day workshop will be held on the Weekend of  Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January 2024  You will be involved in all aspects of creating the drum. You will be involved in all aspects of creating the drum.

drum making workshop

women lacing their drums

This workshop is for women only- including those who identify as women. The space will be lovingly held by graduates and Teacher of the Four Seasons Journey of the School of Shamanic Womancraft:

Who we Are:

Sarah Miller: Shamanic Craftswoman, Teacher of the Four Seasons Journey, Story-Teller, Earth-Keeper, Moonsong Facilitator and Early Childhood Educator.
Emilie Alciato: Shamanic Craftswoman, Mother and Dancer. Emilie specializes in helping women recover from birth trauma/loss. This is based on deep inner work, co creating a ceremony to help reclaim the soul journey, to shift energy and bring change.

The workshop will run from:
9.30  am to 5 pm on Saturday 13 and 
9.30  am to 5 pm on Sunday 14 January 2024

in East Warburton.

This link if for Full Payment of $520.  You can pay a $250 Deposit here.  A deposit is required ASAP. Please note our workshops sell out, so early deposit will guarantee your spot. Full payment is required by 10 December 2023


drum making workshop

Women journeying to connect with the spirit of their new drum

You will be held in a safe and sacred space as you birth yourself and the drum through this creative shamanic (meaning ‘inner’) process.  The process you undergo as you make the drum will be reflective of your own birth story, the births of your children (if you have any) and how you do “process” in your life both creatively and in relationship to Other. 

Throughout our workshop, each woman will be honoured as both student and teacher and together we will hold a collective space for transformation and growth. Through the drum making you also may connect with the spiritual lineage of women drummers across time and cultures.

The relationship with your drum can last a lifetime. You bond with plant, and animal and the life that is your drum.

We welcome you to join us for this magical transformative weekend.

drum making workshop

A bevvy of beautiful drummers- with their newly birthed drums


2 reviews for Medicine Drum Making – Two Day Workshop

  1. Kiri

    I knew the moment I saw the ad for the two day Shamanic Drum Making Workshop that it was going to be awesome. And it was. It was a profound experience shared with 11 other beautiful women immersed together in the nurturing & sacred support offered by Sarah, Emilie & Tash. Connecting with my chosen skin, receiving its guidance, birthing its shape and “singing” her from the waters and creating my drum was a deeply sacred and personal experience. I connect with my drum every day, use it in my work and feel truly in sync with her. Thankyou for offering such a beautiful experience. KIRI

  2. Angela

    Keen to make my own frame drum, I signed up for the workshop feeling a little unsure about the whole process or that it could deliver everything it promised. But six weeks on I can honestly say it did — and the magic continues with my drum, new found rhythm and deeper connection to life. Gratitude to Sarah and Emilie for offering this and creating a sacred space for transformation.

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