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Shamanic Womancraft- An Introduction

Are you feeling the call, the deep hungering for embodied, place based knowing, for feminine wisdom and healed sisterhood? Join us to learn more of the ways of the Shamanic Womancrafter.

In this two hour workshop we offer:

  • An introduction to the women’s mysteries, to cyclical living with the seasons, the moon and your own cycling body.
  • The deep nourishment and magic of being part of a sacred women’s circle
  • A drum journey to meet your power animal- the medicine you need now.

The session will be led by Nymh Fox and Sarah Bird Miller- Co teachers of the Vic Otways, Four Seasons Journey (2020). This is a year long earth based spiritual journey creating and maintaining deep connection with our bodies, our sisters, the earth the Divine Feminine.

You are warmly invited to join us.

Bookings via eventbrite

Melbourne Sacred Women’s Circles

Sarah Miller will be holding monthly women’s circles in 2019. You are warmly invited to join us.

Step inside the circle, be welcomed by your sisters. You will be held and heard, touched and moved.

The circle is Shaman. The circle is Way shower. Join us to co- create the magical space of a Sacred Women’s Circle.  These sacred circles are imbued with the wisdom of the gentle-wild woman, of the divine goddess, of Self in her myriad forms.

The circle provides women with a connection to a deep seated tradition of coming together to support, nurture and hold one another in a sacred space.   It is a red tent experience, honouring the mysteries of the feminine, of the cycles and the bodies sacred intelligence.

Reconnect with the women’s mysteries!

These circles will be held monthly on the following dates:

No circles in July and August- We rest in Winter!

Thursday 19 September 2019
Thursday 24 October 2019
Thursday 21 November 2019

You can come to one or all of the circles but the more we gather together the deeper we can journey into Wholeness.

7.30 – 9. 30 pm
el camino
102 Grange Rd

Get in touch with any inquiries.

MoonSong- One Day Workshop for Women
Saturday 19 October

 It is time, women are awakening..

A one day women’s workshop
 Sarah Miller

Reclaiming feminine power through reconnection with the women’s mysteries.

Reconnect with the women’s wisdom within you –

  • Learn about the wisdom of the cycles and our life seasons
  • The influence of the lunar cycle and the earth’s seasons
  • The spiritual practice of menstruation and the transformative power of our rites of passage
  • Understand why you feel the way you do!

Do you feel the sacred tremor within your own body, that deep call to reconnect to your power and wisdom?

This is a day of remembering a time long ago when women were revered, where women regularly gathered in sacred circle…When our bodies, our cycling, and our blood was honoured.

It is a day of healing the wounds of this culture- which demeans our bodies, and denies our voices. But we are remembering, returning, gently rewilding,

We are coming home to our bodies, to ourselves. The map home has been within us all along.

We would be delighted to have you join us. Bookings

*Delicious morning and afternoon tea provided, BYO lunch.
*Bring a wrap for warmth, water bottle, your journal and a pen.

Saturday 19 October 2018
9.00 – 5.00 pm

“While I had an idea about what Moonsong was about, I did not expect to be so deeply touched by the openhearted tender acceptance of the beautiful women I sat in circle with. Moonsong has a way of bringing women together in a raw undefined way, allowing us space to express ourselves and feel heard/held. Through learning to weave our own cycle into the universal rhythms I felt great kinship with my fellow sisters.  So thank you Sarah for all that you do and all that you say. Your work is potent and your ability to conduct it is met with kindness and immense wisdom. I have been changed by it. ”  Myshell

Make Your Own Medicine Drum
A Workshop for Women
Sarah hosts both One Day and Two Day Medicine Drum Making Workshops


Making a medicine drum is a deep and powerful process of birthing a shamanic healing tool for personal transformation. The drum is a sacred tool, an instrument of music, an intimate partner in the soul’s journey and woven through time with women’s spirituality. When you make a drum you enter into a shamanic process of personal healing.

This workshop is for women only.
The space will be lovingly held by  graduates and Teachers of the Four Seasons Journey of the School of Shamanic Womancraft.


One Day Workshop Cost: $380, all materials provided
Purchase full price tickets here
Get in touch with any questions!
sarah dot embodiments at gmail dot com
Sarah ~ 0435 140 148
Viv – 0406 623 221

Two Day Workshop Cost $499, all materials provided.

Purchase full price tickets here
Get in touch with any questions!
sarah dot embodiments at gmail dot com
Sarah ~ 0435 140 148
Emilie ~ 0432 484 736

Connecting with Your Medicine Drum Workshop

Join us in ceremony to connect deeply with the voice and spirit of your shamanic medicine drum. Learn simple, embodied rituals and techniques to deepen your relationship with your drum in a sacred circle.

“The drum echoes the heartbeat of the earth and enables us to connect with the rythm of life.” Jane Hardwicke Collings

This is deep listening – to our drum, to ourselves, to each other and to the Earth…

This is heartfelt wordless prayer – drumming up wholeness, reconnection, trust, safety and love – what the world needs now…

Doing these things in the company of others is a healing act in itself, a re-membering of how we can be together, living our prayers and praying our life.

We are drumming ourselves Home…

Bring your drum (and beater) if you have one.
Bookings essential

Friday 22nd November
2.00 – 5.00 pm
address provided on booking

Feminine Embodiment-

The call of the wild embodied feminine is here. We offer ritual, prayer, movement and touch to ground you back into the vast and cosmic intelligence of your body, your being. Will you answer the call?

A Seven Sisters Festival Workshop with Sonia Stocco
Friday 2 March
11..00- 12.30

and Saturday 3rd March 9.30 pm
Seven Sisters Festival 
Mt Martha, VIC

Sacred Sensuality- Pathways to Presence and Pleasure
A Retreat for Women


Vine & Branches,
Lower Plenty…

This nourishing retreat  offers women a safe space to connect deeply to the wisdom of their living/loving bodies and to remember and reclaim the body as Temple as Sacred as Earth.

This is a weekend of singing up bliss, diving deeply into the pleasure of our female bodies and the present moment, under a waxing Moon. Awakening to the Earth as Lover, listening deeply to our womb space, our breasts, our hearts, our bodies. Singing up our sacred sensuality, our birthright.

We bow before you Holy woman.

You are all that you need to be. We welcome all of you, the joy, the shame, the grief, the love, the trauma  – whether arising in our own stories, or the stories of our mothers and grandmothers, the stories of our sisters around the world, or the stories of our wounded Earth – We will lovingly receive our grief and joy, both, as Teachers on this journey to wholeness.  We will play, pray, explore and allow all that needs to be expressed to be expressed.

We are not alone.  We will listen with the ears of our hearts, sharing our stories in the alchemy of loving sisterhood.

At its heart, this weekend is an invitation to listen deeply to your body and what you are needing. To trust your own impulses and receive your own intuitive wisdom. No activity is compulsory, all is offered in a spirit of openness and a deep trust in your process. You choose what you share and reveal.

We alchemise our past through the power of our loving attention, and Grace. And we do this for all our relations, stretching forwards and backwards in time.

Together we are Re-Membering our birthright for pleasure, for Aliveness, for Authenticity.

Together we are reclaiming our Readyness to offer ourselves fully for the healing of ourselves and our world, emboldened by the truth of our Sacred Sensuality.

A taste of some of the activities on offer:

* Creating sacred space in our bodies and through the intimacy of a women’s circle

* Barefoot dancing on the earth

* Massage and nourishing touch

* Gazing, milling and deep ecology processes

* Goddess rituals, anointing, prayer and ceremony

* Drumming and Singing ourselves up

* Pelvic Blessings and Womb stories

* Ample free time to be with all that arises in this beautiful space

And many more divine, heart and womb felt offerings!

~ This is open to women of all sexual persuasions and flavours! ~

Bookings essential.

Early bird discount $380- pay before 1 January 2018
Full Price $450

For more information please phone 0435 140 148 or email

For more information including FAQs and Guiding Principles read here

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I am interested in being kept in the loop for up and coming workshops. I would love to do the 4 seasons journey. I realise that wouldn’t begin until next year. What would you suggest I attend in the mean time? I am not a midwife… I live in Chewton, vic. Right near castlemaine.

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