My name is Sarah Miller and I love to dance. The desire to move, to leap, to spin, to shake, to roll and express my truth through my moving body has led me to many forms of movement practice. Gymnastics, yoga and creative dance were important early influences and I have a sustained interest in the latter two. I am not a professional dancer, and I do not have a degree in any form of dance but I have studied under amazing teachers and felt deeply held in the dance. I regularly attend workshops in contact improvisation, continuum dance and body mind centering, and enjoyed several years of creative dance with Mangala Studios and more recently Heart Dance. I also did several years of ballroom and latin dancing with my husband and can often be found dancing in the living room with him, and our children!

Body Awareness

Dance is an ongoing passion of mine, and I seek to create an environment in which people feel safe enough to drop into the dance, to embody themselves and to dance truly. This means paying attention to what is and letting go of limiting beliefs which restrict and impinge our movement practice. This means following the creative impulses within us by honouring our own bodies. I believe that experiencing our body through dance can lead to a much richer experience of us.

Spirit Dance

A deep experience of ourselves can also enhance our connection to the earth. We are all made of the earth, and through the dance we can experience the truth of this. We can reconnect to the earth as our home, and as an integral part of who we are. As Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen says “…in coming into our bodies we become connected to our greater home, the earth.”

In the dance we also reconnect to the universal energy, to our Shakti. The life force moves within us as a loving living energy, by attuning to this we come home to the Self, to the bliss of being. We dance ourselves home.

I currently practice Tai Chi with the ShaoZhao ming Tai chi/Kung fu institute, Yoga at Dharma Yoga and have completed a reiki course from the Usui Reiki centre.

I am a mother of two children, a keen gardener, environmentalist and poet. I am a shaman, and hold drum journeys for individuals and groups.

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