Embodiments Dance provides a sacred space in which to reconnect to your own body, the body of mother earth, and your divine feminine essence through the joy of dance, the beat of the drum and the magic of a sacred women’s circle.

Sarah Miller is the Founder and Owner of Embodiments Dance – Drum – Circle. Sarah has facilitated dance and movement classes for over ten years. She is an Earth Keeper, a Tree Sister and Shamanic Womancrafter.  She has a deep desire to heal our connection with our bodies and the body of mother earth. We are woven together, we are one.  We are part of the Mystery. The great unfolding of this Cosmic Story. Sarah is also a writer of children’s stories and a play wright.

Through dance and movement we come home to our selves, in these living loving bodies. We locate ourselves here and now, and move with the wisdom of our bodies processes. Dancers are encouraged to bring a sense of wonder and trust to the dance.

The drum is woven with the spiritual practices of women across many continents and time.  It is an instrument of music and deep earth connection. It is a sacred portal through which we journey.

Sacred circles embody the medicine of the cycles, the seasons, the Way of the Feminine, in all her diversity. We come together to remember the ancient wisdom of simply sitting together, of listening to land, to each other and ourselves.

The earth is Sarah’s greatest teacher. She likes to garden, listen to the more than human world, bird watch and  simply be in nature.

on holiday with my family bird watching & kayaking

Sarah is a Teacher of the MoonSong One Day Workshops for Women. She is currently an Apprentice to the Four Seasons Journey of the School of Shamanic Womancraft and will co teach the course next year in the Otways with Nymh Fox.  To find out more about this year long program visit the school’s website.

Through Embodiments Dance – Drum- Circle you will remember how to attune to all living things and reconnect to the deep wisdom and power of your moving body.

yellow tailed black cockatoo- photo credit, my husband, Michael

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