dark moon

The dark and new moons are nearly upon us, and this gives us time to reflect on the importance of these moon phases. The dark moon is a time of release, of letting go. It is a death of sorts, the kind of death that is necessary to make way for the new. So at the dark moon we can release all that no longer serves.  Now is a good time to think about issues that have been arising that are no longer useful. This might be ideas or ways of being that don’t serve your higher purpose.

Sometimes it can be difficult to look at these aspects but with the dark and new moon in Scorpio we are more equipped to look into the dark aspects of the self. And with a solar eclipse heading our way there will be greater finality to all that we let go of, and then all that we birth. It is a great time to begin tuning into the moon, and using the energy of the cycles.

So find some time to dance, to meditate, to turn within and see what arises. Ask your body, show me what you are feeling, and follow the body where it leads. For those of you about to bleed, or in weeks 3-4 of your cycle, these issues might be more self- evident. Remember to look for the patterns behind what is troubling you, where have you noticed this before?  How does it relate to deep issues of identity and your truth?  Notice what you notice, and wateronearthrelease what needs to be released.

As ever be gentle with yourself through all this. According to Cathy Pagano, (from the Mystic Mumma site) Neptune in Pisces will support compassionate release.  So go for it.

Having released with the dark moon, we can then focus on what we want to birth with the new moon. Feel into what is arising within you? What is waiting to be born? Again dance and move freely, allowing your body to guide you, to show you what you are feeling. The wisdom of your body is immense. Your bodies intelleignce relates to the earth’s intelligence, so don’t underestimate it. Instead make use of the new moon in scorpio to see the truth of your bodies wisdom, to tune into that which wants to arise in you.

You may want to lie on the earth, and do some grounding work. Those of you who have danced with me, will know how often I ask you to surrender fully to the earth, feel how she IMG_5531holds and nurtures you, and then from this deep place of trust and surrender rise up with that which is emerging in you. Use the lunar cycle to birth this new seed within you, or to allow a bud to flourish more fully.

Reading all about this moon makes me wish I had organised a dance with you all, but i have needed to settle into a new routine, to have space for the new work i am doing with children. So instead I will celebrate the dark moon at Red Tent East , and dance my prayers in the garden on Friday night.  For my work, my truth is deepening my connection to mother earth, to trusting Her, trusting the cycles, and trusting that the Feminine is returning.  My work is to let go of that which hinders my ability to do this, and so I will use the new moon in Scorpio to give great thanks for the opportunities I have to work with children and women. I will give great thanks that we all can deepen our bonds with the the earth, that we can open our hearts and minds to the wisdom of the body & the sacredness of She.

Blessings on this beautiful dark and new moon xx

please visit http://www.mysticmamma.com/ for some wonderful astral insights on this moon.


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