On Gratitude

Deepest Gratitude to all of you- for being who you are , for offering yourself to this life, for living with courage in your heart, your mind, your body. For giving what you can.

I am blessed- truly to do the work I do, to be in service to our great mother in a way that is meaningful for me. I am grateful every day for her bounty, her enthusiasm for life, for life itself. What a gift! Take moments to be startled by the wonder of creation, by sky, by leaf, by your own magnificent body. You, we, are all this earth.


Gratitude is also an antidote to consumerism! As Joanna Macy (author of Active Hope) says when we feel satisfied and grateful for what we have in our lives we are less likely to feel the need for stuff…and it is such need, such “manufactured demand” that consumerism relies on!  We have enough and we are enough!  We are not consumers- we are creators!


“Ah” big heartfelt sigh and gratitude to you all- those who have shown up at the altar of the dance, and those who are still making their way there. Remember this is our birthright. This is our history…We women have always been the singers, the dancers, the drummers, the healers….but our history has been forgotten/supressed and we have not be shown the way. But now we are seeing again the images of our power. Thanks especially to Max Dashu and her wonderful cross-cultural, trans historical images, and stories of women (http://www.suppressedhistories.net/index.html) for showing us our history. When we begin to see these images, we begin to remember just how powerful we are. As Sue Monk Kidd says, “One thing that became clear to me is that images of a divine mother are surprisingly important in the psychological wholeness of women, especially in the process of women taking up residence in their own authority.”  The collection of images by Max Dashu allows us to regain our sense of inner power. We see images of women, of priestesses, of Goddesses, images of women from all over the world involved in the sacred arts. So take some time to look at these images, to feel into them, to remember what it is like to be a healer, a dancer, a lover of this world.

I have been inspired to demonstrate and incorporate some of the powerful postures and poses identified by Max Dashu in my dances. I will be encouraging women to do the same.  We might even try some out at the Summer Solstice Dance!

The Summer Solstice Dance is a celebration of the longest day. Litha or the Summer Solstice is an ancient celebration of the sunshine, the light, the fire within. It is a time of great honour for all that is abundant, ripe and full in our lives…There are many records of this night being celebrated across Europe. As Max Dashu says, “Everything was possible on this night of mysterious power. The dark sky was alight with bonfires, and people dancing around them, singing “Long live the dance and those who are in it/Señor San Juan! / Even the stars will join in/ Viva la danza y los que en ella están!” Long live the dance and those who are in it!”

firedance (581x480)

I hope to see you in it! As we to dance to celebrate, as we dance to release, we dance to drop into our deeper awareness, to the inner consciousness alive in our bodies, in our beings, we reclaim our heritage and dance our dance. Connecting to the seasonal cycles, helps us connect more deeply to our own cycles and the seasons and cycles of the earth. This facilitates deep embodiment of our relationship to the earth.

I would love to share this evening with you. Please book online.


Friday 20 December
7.30- 9.30 pm
McDonald Hall, Rear Koornang Uniting Church, 117 Murrumbeena Rd, Murrumbeena.
$20- for pre bookings
$25 for payment on the door.


If you feel too, wear a beautiful wreath as a reminder of the women who have come before us, dancing in honour of the earth, the moon, the sun and the stars and the all that is.


(sourced from Max Dashu, The Secret History of Witches, http://www.suppressedhistories.net/secrethistory/dancers.html)

And Finally much gratitude to Anique Radint Heart, and Gaia’s Garden for hosting Max Dashu on her recent trip to Australia, and Melbourne.

Many Blessings Sarah xxxxxxx