Dancing the Maiden

Dancing the MaidenNimue

Who is the Maiden in you? What does she like, how does she move, play, smile, feel? When we connect to Spring time we can connect to the maiden within. We can remember Her& re-embody Her… I think of this maiden as the innocent, and wild, as the one who is not harmed, who remains her own self…despite anything that may have happened to us in our childhood….She is powerful, and playful, mischievous, and curious. She is nature, she is You….

Francesca de Grandis offers this “The maiden is the seven year old goddess Nimue. Nimue is mischievous. And She is turbulent, And she embodies unspoiled freedom. Nimue also embodies a wild ethics, known only in the hearts of children and animals.”

We can connect to Her, we can call on Her, for she is always within us.

Artemis or Diana is also one of the maiden Goddesses, from the Greek and Roman pantheon. She holds a place dear to my heart as she was the first Goddess I really connected with. I did my honours thesis on images of the goddess Diana at the court of Fontainbleau, France. I always loved her wildness, her desire to be apart from society and roam in the wilds…she was often depicted with her band of nymphs playing in and around water, so her feeling life was strong and free, And yet sometimes I find her too headstrong, & too focused. She was a sharp shooter, her arrows always meeting their targets.

And when I feel too headstrong I like to call on Nimue as nature in the “hands of a seven year old” That takes me back to my childhood, to crystal beach to rolling down the biggest sand dunes ever, to searching for and finding crystals in the rocks, and sea urchins in the deep rock pools….we were exploring the wind, the blow holes. We had a sense of freedom and deep wonder at the world.

And  it is this wonder and this wildness that I carry within, and that calls me home to Her. And when I dance Her at the Spring Equinox this will be my starting point, but who knows where I will journey in the dance.

Starhawk offers a meditation to invoke her, which we may play with in our circle tomorrow night. Here it is for you. Visualize a silver crescent moon, curving to the right. She is the beginning of power, of growth, of generation. She is wild and untamed, like ideas and plans before they are tempered with reality. She is the blank page, the unplowed field. Feel your own hidden possibilities and latent potentials, your power to begin and grow. See her as a silver haired girl running freely through the forest under the slim moon. She is Virgin, eternally unpenetrated, belonging to no one but herself. Call her name, “Nimuë!” and feel her power within you.


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