Dance your Dance

Blow your own horn!
Express the joy of your being
through body, mind and soul.
You are a wondrous, powerful child of the Universe.
Dance your dance. Sing your song.
Bless yourself and you bless the world.

trumpet honeysuckle, in Earth Spirit Warrior

This is a powerful poem, encouraging us to shine, to radiate, to acknowledge and feel our joy…Sometimes i think this is harder than expressing sadness and grief. In some ways our culture suppresses our joy, our vitality. It suggests that it is somehow wrong to feel overwhelming joy for the simple gift of life. Yet this is a gift, a blessing so profound we overlook it. We are alive dancing friends, life surges through us. Allow it to move you….dance

I invite you to drop into the dance, into that space where spirit and matter are integrated, where we feel ourselves a part of this universe….where we allow ourselves to be..

I was preparing for tomorrows class, and i asked the goddess for guidance, with my hands up close to this book, and when i opened the page i found a whole dance program and this poem. Thank you great goddess

In joy




She moves with effortless grace

coloursWe play with the breath and sound as “an invocation to movement”*, an invitation to dance.  The simple flow of breath in and out of our bodies is its own kind of dance. It can be fast and shallow, deep and full.  It can be a way into the bodymind, the source of,  and inspiration for movement. Will you follow your breath into the dance?

Standing with your feet on the ground, breath into the connection to earth, and then simply tune into your breath…notice it without judgement…just allow it to do its thing, which is to continue in its own cycle, in and out, in and out, in and out….as you stay with the breath, notice what is moving in you? Is it the belly, the ribs, the diaphragm, or has the breath moved further afield? Notice where the breath enters the body, where it moves, and where it leaves.  Just play with the body’s response to the breath, play with this attention….seeing what movement arises from within. To end simply riase your arms out to the side, meeting palm to palm above your head, then bring them down to rest in the heart space.

In the eastern traditions the heart chakra, anahata is associated with the element of air. So when we connect with the air, with the breath we are also connecting to the heart space. As you reach up and out into the air, you are also reaching up and out into the heart space. Practise opening your heart to the moment, kissing the day with your intention to breathe, to be open.

Last Tuesday as we danced air and breath, we went outside and raised our arms in greeting to the wind. We felt her caress over our skin, breathing in through our pores, acknowledgeding the dance of outside in…The wind whoosed, and waved and danced over, around and within us.  Any time you can go outside and greet the wind, allow yourself to feel the power, the breath of the goddess/the earth, allow your self to be carried by her.

I have been playing with the element of air, dancing with the wind, with the clarity and clearsightedness of air. I am posting a poem I wrote in Japan as I watched the snow dance with wind. Enjoy it and have a beautiful week.

*Amber Grey…


Snow moves with effortless grace

a skirt of crystals
cloaked in sequins and mist
she cannot resist

the pull and call of earth’s breath
whispering her name
again and again

She rises up as one
rises and expands, rises and expands
her exquisite white hands

held aloft  by the  wind
so the whole body of herself
seems so deeply felt

she waltzes in her time
a rhythm of white sound
circling above  ground

until just as remarkably

the music ceases
she lets go of the wind
and falls to pieces

folding onto and into
the patient body of white
where everything is light

with the wind
I too want to dance
and  take my chance.