tending the sacred fire

This week we bathed ourselves in the light of our own inner fire. Fire is the element associated with our passion, our purpose and our will. Think of the phrase she has a “fire in her belly”, and you will know what I mean.  Connecting to the element of fire is a wonderful way to connect with your own passions in life, and help you live in ways that manifest your passion.

The element of fire is also associated with the third chakra, manipura, located around the solar plexus. This is usually depicted as a yellow swirl or ball, a lot like our sunshine. It is your inner sun, and we need to tend it, in order to live in ways congruous with our beliefs.

Fire also has the power to transform…we can burn away what no longer serves us. In the dance we often do this by dancing to wild music, by shaking and releasing….The exhaling breath is used to help release old stories, and ideas about ourselves that no longer serve.

Having danced the element of fire, it is important to continue to feed your fire, and a really simple way to do this it to spend a few minutes bathing in the sunshine!

Go outside (early morning is best at this time of year) and find a comfortable place where you can lie down and soak up some rays…just breathe gently feeling the warmth of the sun on your body, allowing yourself to relax in this warmth and energy.sunbaking

After a few minutes you could do a few star stretches- giving some attention to each of your six limbs (arms, head, legs and tail). Breathe in through the solar plexus chakra, drawing limbs in, then stretch out like a star breathing out of your solar plexus. Repeat this a few times, and feel your inner flames dancing.

And if you want to dance some fire, we have had lots of fun with this track. Go wild sisters…

The piece I played is Dancing Tribe!


blessings Sarah



Flowing with Life

This week we celebrated the dive into the ocean within…we explored our watery depths, honouring our deep connection to the fluid body and the swollen round body of water, we call earth. I hope you felt held by the earth. She cradles us in the watery world, just as we cradle the watery cells within us.

riverpoolsTo continue to deepen the connection to the fluid body this week, try immersing yourself in some water. If you can go to the sea, or a river please do, if not try a bath, or even a shower…once there play, float, dive, dream…

Yesterday I took myself off to Brighton beach and surrendered to the water. I felt so held as I floated on the surface, feeling the surge of water beneath me, and then caught the power of a gentle wave as it propelled me forward.  I dipped and dive and invoked the maiden….It was bliss, and was very cleansing.

My favourite dance practise for getting in touch with the fluid system is continuum, it was through this practise that I learnt to really allow my fluid systems to flow more easily, to be moved not by strength but the capacity and movement of the fluid body.

Amber Grey, continuum practitioner noted that “the primary characteristic of any fluid system is its ability to keep transforming itself” and by getting in touch with our fluid systems (lymph, blood, cellular tissue, sinovial fluid etc) we can too be transformed.

Another powerful way to connect to the element of water is to spend some time with your hands on the sacral chakra, on the womb space . Find a quiet space, breathing in and out, allowing the breath to flow naturally, then with hands on the womb space, begin gentling swaying, and waving your body. Allowing, just being in the moment. For many this can be a really enjoyable feeling, for the womb is the home of sensuality too… ….but it may also bring up emotions to do with your womb space, so just be gentle on yourself and take the time to feel the feelings with compassion, as long, as we allow the feelings then we allow the flow, which is so healing.

Stay in the flow

Blessings Sarah