Spreading my Wings

I am excited to announce that I am joining with other lovely people to share the joy of movement and dance.  I will be hosting a movement session with the Hedge Wytches, Sacred Wombyns Circle led by the amazing Cat Argyos. Cat is a Green wyitch, a Taoist and a Healer. She believes (as do I ) that we are all connected, to one another, to all the creatures, to our mother earth and to father sky. She says, “Together we can not only heal one another but we can heal the world.”  I am looking forward to working with Cat in her beautiful space and sharing sacred movement with a new group of women.  for more details see the Hedge Wytches Grove http://www.meetup.com/Thehedgewytchesgrove/

I am also very exicted to announce that I will be involved with the Sustainble Living Festival. Sustainabiliy is at the heart of my dance. I belive that movement and dance offers us a way home to the body of the self and the body of the earth. I will be inviting people to join with me to explore this through Elemental Moves: Conscious Dancing a two hour conscious dance session  in which we feel the earth in our bones, flow with the ocean within our fluid systems, ignite the fire of our energy and passion and follow the impulses of the living breath.

As Francesca De Grandis says, We are living, dancing expressions of this earth and when we dance the earth dances!

I hope to see you at one of these events!

On Being Stuck

There are times in every woman’s’ life when she is stuck. Sometimes it is an external pressure, a cage that we are living in, because of cultural and social ideas and expectations, sometimes because life itself is always close to death, and sometimes because we have made a bargain with the devil….Whatever the reason, and there are too many to name, it is important first and foremost to recognise that we are stuck, and then to acknowledge this is in our lives. And this takes looking, and this takes courage-So much courage.

I am blessed to be able to witness women who come to my classes with all their “stuckness”, with all their difficulties manifest. I am blessed because these women are brave enough to show where they are, to be willing to say,” I am stuck, I cannot move.”  And at these times I also witness the small and beautiful movements the body is making. For the body is always moving and though the gestures maybe small, they are not insignificant. It might be as simple as a rocking to and fro, but what a beautiful loving gesture that is. What a support! It may be a clenched fist of defiance, it may be a turning within for the gaze of another is too much to bare….The body is moving is dancing in these moments, and if we can stay present to what is going on, stay with the body in these moments, if we can endure then we will be rewarded. For it is only by acknowledging where we are at, acknowledging the feelings held in our bodies that we can eventually move with them and then through them. Pretending or ignoring does not dissolve pain; it just saves it for another day.

Sometimes all we can do is turn up. As Julia Cameron says in her wonderful book, The Artists Way, the first rule is “to turn up at the page”.  She says we should use the writing “to rest, to dream, to try” and this is a process of writing without censure. I would add that we can also turn up on the dance floor without censure. That each of us can dance our dance, even if that is simply a twitching, a turning, a whatever it is. Because the body knows, the body remembers, as that wonderful Jungian Estes, says “Memory is lodged in pictures, and feelings in the cells themselves. Like a sponge filed with water, anywhere the flesh is pressed, wrung even touched lightly, a memory may flow out in a stream” and as those that dance know, when you are ready you can flow with it.

Thank you to all who turn up on the dance floor!