Trusting (trust in) our bodies

The dance offers us an opening into ourselves, an opening into the mind of the body. We do not know where it leads us, but we know we will be given insights, we know we will see/feel/ knows things on a deeper level.

As we allow ourselves to trust in our bodies, we can follow its call. The impulses of the body lead us into the dance, the dance of our lives.  The emotions, the feelings, the thoughts we have, are held within our bodies. We can access these, move with them and through them.  Dance is a way of letting go of these thoughts- for it is only after experiencing them, acknowledging them, that we can we release them…

So the dance is a place of discovery, of finding the layers of meaning, the layers of identity. And we are so much deeper than we often give ourselves credit for. There is such a richness to this being human. There is music, there is dance, there is creativity within us all…. we just need to tune into our bodies.

I hope you will be willingly to journey with yourself, with me, and with others into the wisdom of the dance, the wisdom of your moving body.  It is an inspirational journey.   As one of the women at a class recently said, of the dance, “the momentousness of the beauty floors me each and every week”.

Come and be floored by your own beauty!
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What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is our connection, it is the tugging in our hearts, the ache in our belly, and the knowing in our cells, that they and we are part of all of this. Beauty is this recognition, this conversation with that which surrounds and is within us.

We can express this connection, this communication in our bodies, in our dance, and we can express it in the words of the poets who look “towards the trees, and the waterfall”.  The playwrite who asks, “what light through yonder window breaks?” The artist who lovingly paints, cuts, moulds is also creating a pathway, a doorway, a mirror, an attitude of beauty. So too, the parent who is present to their child, the person who is present to the world, and daily. Beauty is in the blade of grass that follows its calling to grow, to the bulge of snow that shudders to the ground in the gust of the wind, and the fallen branches too.  Beauty is in all of us, in all creation.

Come and share your thought on beauty at a gorgeous event to celebrate all women, AbunDance….you can dance with me, and 3 other beautiful women, you can be creative with an artist, you can listen to speakers, you can chat and mingle and bathe in the beauty of women accepting who they truly are.
Hope to see you there, and to hearing your throughts on beauty.