Chanting and Dancing

So blessed to be part of a group encouraging and supporting people to chant and dance. On Saturday night we had 30 people ecstatically dancing to the call and response chant session led by Jarek C. It was bliss. The energy in the room was beautiful. People of all ages and backgrounds came together to honour the Self, to celebrate the beauty and power of life, of love, of being.  And celebrate we did. You really could feel the pulse of life in the room.  The highlight for me came at the end of the night with everyone moving with joy to the heartfelt chant Namo Namah.  Surrounded by the wave of energy we all danced and chanted, till the final chant brought us back to sitting. Jarek was ably supported by drummers and kirtan singers from Ishani yoga, and Michael on the double bass.  Thanks to all who attended such a beautiful evening.

Given the overwhelming response we are planning to make these monthly events. I would love to hear from you if you came, or if you would be interested in attending another.

Blessings Sarah


Dancing with the beginners mind

“Even as I begin this writing, it was from the place of darkness, of not knowing. It was as if I were about to enter a story whose characters were familiar, like old friends, but their adventure was as yet unknown and untold….I took the first step with the faith that the seed would unfold as promised and something of value would emerge…. This is the beginners mind…”

Linda Hartley wrote these wise words in her beautiful book, Wisdom of the Body Moving. In this she explores in detail the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Body Mind Centering. It has been a huge inspiration for me, particularly this notion of the beginners mind and with it the commitment to enter into each dance (and ultimately each moment) with awe and wonder.  When we allow the body to do its thing without judgement, without expectation of  outcome, when we allow whatever we are feeling to arise and then to let go, then we can be truly open to the possibilities of each moment. So I encourage all dancers- at whatever level of experience to come to class/circle/retreat with this beginners mind. When we do we come prepared to discover something of ourselves.  It isn’t always easy, and it wont always work, but that’s the beauty of the beginners mind…each moment presents another opportunity to begin.

Lately I have felt the fear arise in me, as a new course, a new class of students comes on board. But instead of listening too closely to the fear, instead of following its negative and closing off advice, I have  looked towards my passions, to that which is the source of my joy in dance, in creativity, in life.  I have stuck my nose in inspirational books, I have listened to soulful music, I have moved my body and I have sat with supportive and beautiful friends, and the fear recedes in the face of such passion, of following with the beginners mind, the paths and spirals to freedom.  Blessings Sarah

Reconnect to your body

Reconnect to the joy, wisdom and power of your moving body through dance.

“I have sent you an invitation,
the note inscribed on the palm of my hand by the fire of living.
Don’t jump up and shout, “Yes, this is what I want! Let’s do it”
Just stand up quietly and dance with me. ” (0riah mountain dreamer)

Come and dance with me, and other women in a safe and supported space.  Together we create a space in which the dance becomes a place of refuge, a place of acknowledgement, a place of being at home in your own body.  The disconnect that many of us feel, reflects the disconnect in the dominant thinking- which suggests we are separate from our bodies (body v spirit/mind), separate from the earth, and separate from each other. But through dancing we can reconnect to our own bodies, to the body of the earth and to each other.  It is profoundly healing work.

Follow the scent, follow your dreams, follow your heart and come dance with us…

Embodiments Dance presents an Introductory Course to ease you back into the dance…..You know you want to dance, to move, to be alive in your body… come and take this opportunity to explore the rhythms, impulses and movements of your body.

Dance is a beautiful way to
*Come home to your own body
*Enhance your vitality and well- being
*Move with joy and freedom
*Deeply connect to self and others

Dancing the Divine Feminine: An Introductory Course starts Monday 30th July 2012.
The course runs for 6 weeks and provides a deep experience of movement practise.  Small class sizes in a safe and sacred space based on mutual respect and compassion.
For more details check out the Classes page.