Our rites of passage are opportunities for growth and initiation. Shamanic Womancraft uses the ancient way of the midwife- the mauiutic Method- asking of our wounds and our suffering, “how does this serve?” Through this approach we bring consciousness to the ways in which we have been living imprints from our rites of passage, (birth, menarche, sex, menopause etc), our red thread (our mother line) and the outer culture. With consciousness comes awakening, choice and healing both individually and collectively.

Why have a 1:1 private session

You may have a particular issue(s) that has your attention and about which you want further clarity and understanding. Working together we bring consciousness to the patterns and themes in your life underlying & influencing this issue. You may be preparing for birth, approaching menopause or more generally feeling stuck. Together we notice the themes and patterns so that you begin to unravel the influence of these old stories/patterns and awaken to new possibilities, new pathways with greater choice.

What to expect in a 1:1 private session

You will experience an “innerview”, first answering a series of questions around your rites of passage and then connect via a zoom call to help you unravel the clues and move forward.

The session usually takes about 90-120 minutes and happens on zoom. There are questions to answer before the session and send back to me. These questions will be about your rites of passage so far and any childhood trauma you have experienced, to identify patterns and themes. The focus of the call will be around the particular issue that is playing out for you and for you to see how these underlying issues are playing out. It is about empowering you to move forward with consciousness and awareness.

Investment and Booking

Investment for the session is $200 to be paid prior to the session. Payment plans are available and concession for women experiencing disadvantage are also available. Booking through my shop.