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Hello and welcome to my online home! I am Sarah Miller and I am delighted to see you here in this space. I am passionate about creating safe and sacred spaces for you to come home to your body and the body of the earth. To help you BE where you are, grounded, present and true. There is so much support for you here, and in the blessed body of this earth. Lean in. Lean in and listen to what and who is calling you. I offer a variety of tools, techniques and teachings to help you conect with your own bodied wisdom, your intuition, and with the world at large. Movement and dance, drum making, story, ritual and ceremony are some of the ways in. I would love you to join me in exploring the ways that sing to you, that help you truly come alive. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Drum Making

Do you feel the call of the drum? The gentle wild call of the feminine, your ancestors, your lineage? Work with Sarah to birth your own drum, or go on a drum journey with her.

Movement and Dance

Do you feel at home in your body, safe, grounded and connected? Join me in seasonal dance and movment practices to come home to your living loving body and the groundswell of support that is alive in you.

Four Seasons Journey

Can you hear the whisper to lean in close to your sisters, and rekindle the love affair with the earth and the feminine? This year long course is a place based journey into the depths of feminine wisdom. It is an ancient remembering, the call of the gentle wild to you beloved sister.

MoonSong Workshop

Ther was a time when women gathered regularly in circle. They came to listen to themselves, to each other, and the ancinet ones. They came to honour the profound integrity of the menstrual cycles, and the rites of passage of women, a deep harmonic rhythm. They came to listen to the Magas, the older women, and the stories of our deep emplacement in the natural rhythms of the earth and the moon. Are you feeling the call to lean in and listen again, to remember the feminine wisdom in you?

Ritual and Ceremony

Sacred ceremonies and rituals connect us to profound moments in our lives, and the life of this living loving world. Are you looking to create a ceremony for your rite of passage, for a moment in time, for your love of the earth or another? Sarah offers personalized private and public gatherings. Her creations focus on creating mytho- poetic and embodied stories of women’s lives. Participants are encouraged to co-create personal and shared rituals and performance.

Storytelling and Writing

Sarah has a deep love and respect for story. Story may well be the way to save ourselves. She is a writer of children's story, an emerging playwright and loves to share the stories of the ancient ones. She has been working with the myths of Inanna and Persephone and Demeter among other stories of women's descent.

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