Sacred Women’s Circle

The Temple of She! A Sacred Women’s Circle

Embodiments Dance hosts a monthly women’s circle the Temple of She! and is also available to host private circles including Blessing ways, Sacred Unions, Circles of Friendship and other women’s circles of your choice.

In the Temple of She! we come to awaken to our own experience of the self as divine, to be present to who we truly are and to celebrate the deep embodied feminine, fully alive and fully present in our bodies. We gather together in the presence of each other, to shine a light on ourselves, and to recognise the gifts and knowing of each woman. The circle provides women with a connection to a deep seated tradition of coming together to support, nurture and hold one another in a sacred space.   It is a red tent experience, honouring the mysteries of the cycles and the bodies sacred intelligence.  Reconnect with the women’s mysteries!women'scirclecandles

These sacred circles like all that have come before, and will come after, are imbued with the wisdom of the wild woman, of the divine goddess, of Self in her myriad forms.  We will gather to dance, draw, breathe, sound, touch, and be who we truly are. We will honour the spirit, we will honour the earth, and we will honour the body. We will honour and express ourselves as the divine feminine.

Some of the processes explored in this 8 Moons Journey involve:

  • To explore the language and messages of the body
  • To move with authenticity and joy
  • To understand the wisdom of the cycles (your own, the moon’s and the earth’s)
  • To connect with the energy of the earth
  • To understand and work with the drum
  • To heal thyself
  • To enjoy touch and self massage
  • To nourish and nurture your physical, spiritual and emotional being






The Temple of She! for 2015 is now closed.  Please contact me if you want to be on the waiting list for the next Temple…..

The dates for the monthly circles will be:
Tuesday February 3rd – full moon
Tuesday March 10 – waning moon
Tuesday April 14 -waning moon
Tuesday May 19- dark moon
Tuesday June 16- dark moon
Tuesday July 21-waxing moon
Tuesday August 21-waxing moon
Tuesday September 22- waxing moon

Each circle runs from 7.30 – 9.30 pm in our lovely temple space, Murrumbeena. Plus you also get to attend 2 of the 4 Seasonal Dance celebrations- at no extra cost!

Please contact me with you interest.

 Investment in yourself: $280
Follow link to Contact for all payment details.

You are warmly invited to gather with us.

The Temple of She! Sacred Women’s Circle is a closed group. Participants are expected to attend each session. Please contact me ASAP to join this group or for further information

Blessings Sarah xx



2 Responses to Sacred Women’s Circle

  1. Vivienne Turner says:

    Please put me on the waiting list. I would love to be involved in this energy x

  2. Jenny Werbeloff says:

    Please put me on the waiting list for 2016.



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