Medicine Drum

The drum echoes the heartbeat of the Earth and enables us to connect with the rhythm of life. (Jane Hardwicke Collings) The drum is a shamanic tool used for general well being – it is known to boost your immune system, and can be used  to calm and center you.   The beat of the drum is likened to the heart beat of the earth, enabling you to tap into the groundswell of support of the earth and her energies.

Our next Medicine Drum Workshop is being held late in 2018.   More details here  .

The medicine drum is an ancient tool for healing and transformation. In her book, When the Drummers Were Women, Layne Redmond traces the history of the drum, acknowledging the importance of this tool in women’s ceremonies, rites of passages and spiritual experiences across the globe.

There is a renewed interest in the frame drum and the reclamation of the drum as a sacred tool of power for women.

Sarah offers the following drum services

* Drum journeys for women.
* Making a Medicine Drum Workshops – co hosted with Grace Funk
*Connecting With your Medicine Drum Workshops.
*Public Drumming events with Grace Funk and other mermaids from the School of Shamanic Womancraft

Check out the events page for more details on upcoming workshops.


Drum Journeys

In a drum session, Sarah sets up a sacred space and offers you the opportunity to tap into the reservoirs of your deep embodied wisdom as you journey to the beat of the drum. She facilitates the drum journey & the sharing and reflection of the information, and messages you access.You can also travel with the drum, much like a guided meditation or visualisation- to the deep pools of wisdom within and without.

Sarah offers drum journeys to all women.  You can journey with a specific aim, such as meeting with your power animal, healing messages, to connect with your baby or you may journey to be open to whatever messages are held for you.

1 hour session costs $60
1.5 hour session costs $90
5 x 1 hr session costs $260
Contact Sarah for all bookings and enquiries.



3 thoughts on “Medicine Drum

  1. Hi,
    I am wondering if it is possible for you to run a drum making workshop in Ballarat-I moved here recently and have been wanting to make a drum for quite a while but never got around to doing it. If l organised a group of people, what would be the minimum number needed? If you are unable to, do you have any recommendations of other people who could facilitate one in Ballarat?

    Many thanks


  2. Hello Cheryl, i have sent you an email with all the details. Please let me know if you are still interested. bookings and link on the events page. Blessings, Sarah x

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