Embodiments Dance provides a sacred space in which to reconnect to your own body, the body of mother earth, and your divine feminine essence through the joy of movement, dance, drumming and women’s circles. It is an invitation to awaken the dance in you, to let it unfold, and be revealed though the honouring of the moving body.

Embodiments Dance holds:

*The Temple of She! Sacred Women’s Circles reconnecting with the women’s mysteries

*MoonSong Workshops- reclaiming feminine wisdom

*Seasonal Dance Celebrations- reconnecting us with the great cycles of the earth

*Make Your Own Medicine Drum Workshops

* Individual and group Medicine drum journeys and

*Workshops/presentation/storytelling sessions.

Visit the Event Page for details of all upcoming sessions.

Experience your vitality, the feeling of being ALIVE in your body.

Come and reconnect to your body, reawaken the flow of feminine energy, and move to the living pulse of life.  Attune to your body, your spirit and to the earth.


It is not about being a dancer; it is about being…..who you truly are.

Through dance, and moving meditations you will

*Experience the free and full flow of energy throughout your body

*Enhance your vitality

*Enjoy the sensuous expression of your being

*Deeply connect to the wisdom and intelligence of your body

*Awaken to the living pulse of energy of all life on earth